Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Trials vs Temptation

Did you know that trials are the equalizer? They will level believers to a dependence on God. There is no one that ranks higher, there is no one that will not struggle, there is no one that God loves more.

Trials are hard to face because we would like to look at them and find a way to blame someone else because they are in our life. Trials are there to grow us. At the end of the trial we should be able to see several things in our life. We should see we are blessed, we should see we have grown in faith, we should realize that God has a crown for us in glory, and we should see that God has once again proven His love for us.

Temptations are a different story all together. Temptations come because we are allowing our mind to desire things that are sin. Sin comes from the desires within, so that means before we act out a sin, we are desiring and thinking about it. Don't try to justify the temptation and sin by saying it really isn't all that bad. When we are willing to convince ourselves of this, we need to beware as at that moment it really IS all that bad. Sin is sin, and when we try to justify it, we are in danger.

We need to learn to turn to Jesus who is the Author and perfector of our faith. Through Him, we can conquer all sins that threaten to overtake us. He promises not to tempt us beyond what we can bear. Do you believe this? Do you ask for His help? Do you turn to other Christians in your life to help pull you from the pit that you have allowed yourself to fall into?

Do not look to the temptations you face as a trial in your life. Trials are not something that you cause to happen to yourself, but temptations are.

Embrace trials and turn from temptations always remembering that God is your source of strength in both.

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