Sunday, July 31, 2005

If we could resolve our sin, or if we were already perfect, what did Jesus come for?

Do you think that God would have sent His Son to die such an awful death if we were able to "fix" ourselves? Who would do that?

Have you ever heard the saying, "We sin because we are sinners not we are sinners because we sin?"

Think about that saying for a minute. You may think that it is saying the same thing, but really ponder what it is trying to tell us.

We are a fallen creature. Our very nature is sinful, so when we see, we sin because we are sinners, this statement accurately displays our nature. The part that says, we are sinners because we sin, implies we have no choice but to sin. Do you think this is true? God has promised us a way out, so if we have a way out, are we sinners because we sin? No, we sin because we are sinners (fallen).

Salvation is a very personal experience with Christ. There is a constant working out of your salvation. We need to remember to evaluate the Scriptures by the context of the verses and in relationship to the rest of the Word; we are not to base our salvation only on the words we have been taught without taking it back to Scripture for evaluation.

Others teachings will have the tendency to hold opinion. Never walk away from a teaching and take it at face value. ALWAYS take what you have heard and study Scripture to make sure it was accurately depicted. Trust the Holy Spirit to point you to the truth.

Remember that we, as sinners, can reason together until Christ comes and never agree. At some point, you have to have faith in what God has taught you and know that despite the fact we are sinners, God has grace and has sent His Son to free us from death.

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