Saturday, July 23, 2005

Do you struggle with discontentment?

Discontentment is a way to take your time and attention away from serving God in your current circumstance. Are you being so selfish in your life that you would rather sit around wishing for what you think you deserve than finding a place to serve God in the middle of your circumstances?

As women, we have many areas that we can find ourselves discontent. What is the most interesting thing about it is that when we reach the stage where we think we will find fulfillment, we wish for a new stage or the one we just left.

Let's think about this for a minute.

Those of you who are single, most of you desire to find a Godly man to marry, then you look to those that are married and they now may desire to have a child, then you look to those that have a husband and children and they may long for the days where they were carefree and single and able to focus on a career.

No matter where you are in life, there will be something that you long to have or go back to.

God wants us to dream, but we are not to live where our dreams cause us to be unsatisfied with where God has us. This is a very hard line not to cross. Our reliance on God is key to keeping the dreams alive and focused on the truth of Scripture rather than crossing over to a place of bitterness and discontent where we think we are owed something.

Discontent is being unable to be at peace with where God has you now. When you have give up hope, lost your patience and stopped fulfilling your purpose; you are being pulled away from God and being led into sin.

Do not try to make your time into God's time. God's timetable is for an extremely different reason than ours. Remember we are to live for eternity and not the here and now. God does all things for our good.

Always keep in mind that when God is saying no to something, there is something else He is saying yes to. Don't take the no and wallow in self pity. You will miss out in what God is trying to show you.

Waiting can be looked at as a blessing rather than a curse. Think of it as the opportunity to discover God's best rather than settling for what might just seem humanly good. Waiting can ensure we appreciate what we are given as a gift from God and not something we could have obtained by our own effort.

Always take time to look back at your life so you can remember what God did in the process. You can see what your dreams were and how God lead you to your next step.

Each day, take a look at your life and realize that God has blessed you. Remember that each day is a gift, so live each day as if it is the best gift ever, for in fact, it is.


  1. Good thoughts. When God says "no", it is because He knows the bigger picture, ie., what we need to learn, something better ahead, etc. The hardest part is understanding that and waiting. We are Americans, we want everything "our way, and fast!". Many times as you look back, you can thank God for not allowing things to go the way you wanted as it would have been disastrous. His way was the best way. That is where faith and trust come in. And this is something we learn only through the waiting and the trials of life. When we see God was faithful to us in one area, then that strengthens us to depend on him the next time.

  2. That is so true. It is nice that we can look back to see how God worked. It is also nice when He allows us to see what we were spared.

  3. Hi, Lynette....this is a good message. All of your labor, and the labor the Lord has put into your soul, is quite evident. I pray that you find peace at every spite of its elusiveness, at times.