Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Some days are excellent

We had an excellent day of homeschooling yesterday.  Everything went smoothly and there were no tears.

Sometimes we lose sight of why we keep our kids home with us.  This can happen to me a lot.  I see a facebook post about what some other kid is doing and I question everything about me teaching my son and everything about my son's learning ability, but the truth of the matter is that God made me fully equipped to care, teach and love my son.  There will be no one that can do that better than I can, but the truth is that I have to daily pour into Jesus so He can pour into me.  Homeschooling is just one more area that I have to lay my life down for someone else.  I am seeing more and more flesh in my life as I am very selfish and still want my own space and time.  Balance is hard.

My love for my son and my desire to honor my husband in our decisions to homeschool has lead us to remove T from Options.  This was not an easy decision to come to, but one that we felt was best for a multitude of reasons.  I struggle even typing this as I struggle with pride in the way of Fear of Man.  I don't want someone to judge my decisions and want everyone to like me.  I had to get over that and realize that what we are trying to do for our son, doesn't match up with what we were doing, at least not right now in our life.

Let the fun begin and continue.  I have a bright little boy, and I have resources all around me to educate him to the glory of God.

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