Thursday, November 20, 2014

Proud mommy moment

Proud mommy moment that I must share.  Get your tissues ready. 

I had to take Turner to the doctor today as he hasn't been feeling great. While there, the PA hurt him. He was in tears. He told her, "it's okay, it's not your fault, I forgive you." 

That isn't the best part...

We went to get his medication and when we got there, there was a matchbox display. He found a car he liked so I said I would reward him for his courage and kind heart. 

We went shopping while his medication was being prepared. While I was paying, he took his pennies and shared his horse ride with a little girl. 

Still not the good part...

After I paid, he asked for the car he was so excited to have. He walked up to the little girl, held the car in one hand as he rested the car on his arm (like a waiter would a bottle of wine) and said to the little girl, "I want you to have this."  And he walked off to join me.

He tells me as he is walking off that it was hard to give it away, but it made his heart happy though too. He then asked why I was sad. I was standing there WEEPING with pride at the giant, compassionate, sensitive, caring heart that Jesus has gifted my son with. 

He has really been showing the love of Jesus this week. On November 15, 2014, we celebrated 1 year since Turner asked Jesus to be his Savior, and we can see the evidences clearly displayed frequently, but God has been using him a lot this week. 

While he has been sick, he has made sure to walk Kristina and Austyn and even Toby to the door. He told me that even though it is cold out, that isn't going to stop him from being a gentleman. LOVE

Yesterday he told Torrey and I that Christmas is coming and he just had his birthday and has so many toys that after he opens his presents, he thinks he should give them all away to kids that need them even though he would like to have them. We told him to pray about it and if that is what he felt he should do, we would help him. He told us the best part if Christmas is Jesus and being with his family and friends. 

How can you not love my boy?  

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