Monday, September 9, 2013

Woodglenn Meadows Park

Thornton updated the Woodglen Meadows park in 2012 and it is so much better.  This year (2013) they have updated their sprinkler systems, so beware.  The minute you think you can have a picnic or a day of kickball, you might get wet.  We have tried having 2 events there at different times of the day and both times the sprinklers came on and got us wet and at multiple times that same day.

Hopefully by next year, they will have the sprinklers on a better rotation.  I am guessing they are doing so much watering to fill in all the dirt patches from the new sprinkler lines.

This park isn't the best for tiny people.  They do have infant swings, but the rest of the equipment really isn't suited for them.

There has been a port-o-potty on sight all summer.  Not sure when they will remove it or if they will remove it.  As of today, it is still there.


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