Friday, December 21, 2012

12 December 2012

Rainbow Baby,

Today I told your Auntie Amy that we were expecting you.  I took back the soccer socks that Uncle Jason had given me to let them know I wasn't going to be able to play.  It took a little bit, but she got it.  Apparently it took Uncle Jason a bit longer.  I was looking forward to playing, but I will give it up for a chance to love you.  Maybe I can play next year and get a pair of socks then...maybe a pair with rainbows.

I was afraid of what she might say, I was afraid of how she might feel, I was afraid that she would be afraid to love you.  She was excited, she is concerned with us, but I think she already loves you.

After I left Auntie's house, I went to see Carissa.  She has loved your mommy oh so much since your sister went home to Jesus.  I wanted to have a spaghetti dinner to tell her that we are PREGO, but I just wanted to tell someone.  I have been afraid to share, but want to anyway.  We want the prayer support.  I haven't typically told others before my family, but I wanted to wait until my brother was in town to tell them to their face.

Carissa is so excited for us and will be praying with us, as I had expected.  She is also willing to come serve us after you arrive to get the things ready that I will not be able to do before you come.

There are so many praying for you and hoping with us.  You are loved already.

Love you,


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