Friday, November 23, 2012

A Family Thanksgiving

We had a very nice day with my family for Thanksgiving.  We had way more food than was necessary, as is typical, but had a few new things that we did this year that was lots of fun.

Casey asked grandma if people could go around and say what they were thankful for.  I had wanted to do that as well and had made up something so we could write them out and create a gratitude journal to look back on as a family, but I of course forgot them...I am thankful that Casey thought to ask.  It was so cute to hear what each person was thankful for.  I am going to try to remember them for you:
  1. Casey - (drawing a blank...need help family that reads this)
  2. Simon - (drawing a blank...need help family that reads this)
  3. Jason - That he didn't get hurt in the turkey bowl
  4. Riley - (drawing a blank...need help family that reads this)
  5. Amy - watching the leaves dance in the street and watching the Trees dance this morning from my window.
  6. Logan - For papa's wisdom that he will share with him when he asks, Torrey is funny, Turner makes him smile, Nette, as the pastor said is full of faith, Grandma is sweet and makes good food (so does Nette and mommy), Casey makes me laugh, Simon's dark eyes get him out of trouble, daddy is fun and likes to play with us, Riley makes me smile, Mommy is nice and sweet. (we all started crying on his)
  7. Papa - For family
  8. Torrey - for his family and not getting hurt in the turkey bowl
  9. Turner - for helicopters
  10. Me - For Jesus and how because of Him we can have hope and see our our babies again.
  11. Vickie - For salvation and for family that gets along.
After we were done going around the table and crying together for the kind words and for those we are missing this thanksgiving for multiple reason, we moved to the next thing.

Torrey and I had decided that we want to make sure to "include" Madilyne and Jordan at holidays and had talked about doing candles on the table (which I still like, but we didn't do this time), but we settled on buying balloons to release as a family, so this time I bought a balloon for all there were to be present (on deflated before the release however).  Turner loves to let them go, so figured that the kids would all like it as well.  I think the adults could have enjoyed it, but I think we try to be too adult and have a brave we enjoyed it because of the kids...little steps.

Logan, when he heard we were going to release balloons to Madilyne and Jordan decided he was going to send up a note to them.  I love his heart so very much.  This little boy loves Jesus and will do his best to reach the world if we allow him the chance.

Logan was a little disappointed when he released his balloon as it got caught in the tree.  He and papa both had theirs get stuck.  Logan wanted to make sure the girls got their note.  Amy told him that it was okay, because maybe the people that got the balloon in their tree needed to hear the name of Jesus.  Papa went out later and was able to come back and report that the balloon had gotten free.  Logan was so happy to hear that.

What a great day it was talking, playing games, crying and just being together.  I know it was bittersweet for me.  I would have loved to have been holding my precious little girl in my arms and nurturing her and watching her laugh and smile, but I know that she was doing that in heaven...that is the place that all those things are PERFECTLY done.  
Madilyne & Jordan, your family loves and misses you so.  

Until we see you again,

We love you from Earth to Heaven, FOREVER.


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