Thursday, November 22, 2012

22 November 2012

This is our "3D picture" of you.  Turner loves this baby doll
so much, and Momma likes to hold it from time to time.
Dear Madilyne,

Today is your first Thanksgiving and I know you are able to rejoice and be thankful perfectly.  We miss you every day and talk about you always.  You are forever part of our family and are loved beyond measure.  Tomorrow you are 12 weeks our baby girl in heaven.  There are so many questions I have about heaven now that you are there.  Do you grow, are you still a baby, did you go to a full size form, have you seen Grandma Larson, Grandpa Larson, Grandpa Olson, Jordan, Joan, Grandma Holt, Grandpa Stoops and so many others?  Have you talked to Jonah?  Turner loves the story of Jonah, partly because his best friends name is Jonah and the other part is he loves the show Nemo.

This is the quilt that Great Grandma
Olson made special for you.
We are going to send some balloons up to you and Jordan today as a family and it will be so much fun.  Turner loves doing it and picked out the balloons he wanted to send to you.

I hope that you get so many hugs and kisses and you know we send them to you all the time.

Psalm 118:24
This is the day the Lord has made;
I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Please know that we still rejoice in the Lord in the middle of our sadness.  We are thankful that we loved you so deeply to be this grieved  but we are so thankful as well that Jesus died so that we can forever live with Him and know that you are safe and there rejoicing in the Lord perfectly.

Your brother has been very emphatic lately at how much he misses you, George and Bently, but he goes on to tell me that SOON we will have a baby.  He then continues to tell me that we will have 2, one of each.  I don't know if this little man is being hopeful or prophetic, but it is so fun to see him excited by the prospect and wanting it even though he has faced much loss.  He loves you so much.

Love you from earth to heaven,


PS - need to change the orientation of the pictures, but have to make your dad his "angeled" eggs.

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