Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Home Hurts

By Lynette D.L. Myers
Sept 18, 2012

Oh how the very familiar and comfortable surroundings of home really hurt right now.  There are memories everywhere I look that point to the children that have been and gone from our lives in the last year.

I know that in time our home will be a place of solitude and comfort again, but right now, I just HURT.

I am thankful that the hurt is not a discontent or a lost hope.  The hurt I feel is just putting to rest the hopes of what we had planned and dreamed of. 

I am thankful that we are still able to find joy in our lives because we know the giver of hope.  I could not imagine having to walk this out without knowing the Savior that makes the sorrow full of purpose.  To walk this out without hope and truth makes we weak in the knees and makes me fall to my knees and pray for all those that have to walk such a trial not knowing Him.

Thank you Jesus for walking with us in this storm.  Thank you that you wanted to continue to perfect our faith and make us look more like you.  Thank you for holding our 2 precious babies and loving them perfectly because we could never have done that.  Thank you that we have hope in you and we know that we will get to see our precious babies again because you died for US.

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