Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Turner and the Christmas Tree


Turner has done really well with the Christmas tree.  I have heard horror stories about Christmas trees and toddlers so wasn't sure what to expect out of my curious man.

He has pretty much just sat and looked at the links twinkle and say "ohhh".  That is until...

 ...He came crawling into the kitchen with two candy canes.  I had begun to wonder what he was up to as it got very quiet in the house.

I went to check out the tree and what else he had done, and all he had was some of the garland beads piled up on the floor.  Not too bad.  He really hasn't done anything else since then.  He does try for the candy canes from time to time, but that is because momma let him taste one and he liked it.

This is our tree this year.  It is the theme that I call "Winter Wonderland", but we incorporated some of the "It's the Reason" theme too.  I believe that I will be incorporating all the trees together as it is getting harder to not put certain ornaments up.  I ended up with an "I told you so" from my mom for that statement.

I still have enjoyed having different themed trees and if I had a larger home, I would set up more trees.  I guess I will find someone that needs ornaments and get them to a good home.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL...Remember the REAL reason we celebrate.

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