Thursday, December 24, 2009

I want to WALK


Turner really wants to walk and has been working on it as much as he can.  He will pull up on anything holding still for just a second.

He got a nice walker from the Gonzalez family for his birthday and he really loves to ride it, push it, pull it, fill it, etc. 

Today (12/23/09) he pushed his friend Kaizer down the hall.  They both just giggled the whole time. It has been such a blessing to have Kaizer in our home.  He and Turner are such good friends and they really like to play together.  It is the next best thing to a sibling for our little man.

Kaizer, Turner, Elijah and I go for a walk in the snow.

Turner does have quite an owie in this picture.  That will have to be a story for later.  Momma is still traumatized from it.  He has recovered fine and doesn't have a mark now.

Okay, just faster to tell you now while I have the time.

I was at church and was using a baby sling to carry Turner.  He has gotten so heavy and I have been having terrible pain in my arm and shoulder, so much that I haven't been able to lift a pan to cook for my family.  While I was walking out to my car, the buckle slipped and Turner went falling to the pavement.  I was distressed and crying as was Turner.  I hurried to the car where I sat with Turner and just cried.  I was mostly sad because this happened in the church parking lot and no one came to see if we were okay.  There were people all around me when it happened.  I have been trying to tell myself that maybe they just didn't hear.

Sundays are a hard day anyway as it seems everyone returns things to you on Sunday and I have to lug that and Turner to the car solo since Torrey leaves early for jail ministry.  I had been using a stroller to help out, but it always seemed to be in the way.  I have learned that it doesn't matter how it looks or what people think, I need to do what is best for my family.

Parenting is a learning experience and boy am I learning. 

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