Friday, October 16, 2009

Turner's First Haircut

Turner's cousins stayed the night because we LOVE to have them and their mommy needed a break because her honey has been out of town for work for a while and she is WORN out.

While they were here, I gave all the boys a haircut as they were in need.  I got everyone's picture but Casey's.  He would not let me take one.

As you can see Turner's haircut started out okay, but it didn't end well.  He was so tired and ready for a nap which is why I started with him.  If it weren't for that, he did pretty good.  A little wiggly, but I didn't expect him not to be.

The hair is only some of what I cut off.  All the dark went away and we ended up with even more of a blondie.

Simon got a pretty close haircut and ended up looking way too big, but he sure looked handsome.

Logan is my goof call.  He does NOT like hair on him at all, so has to take off his shirt and sometimes even his pants and the entire time I cut his hair, he must have a little broom so he can sweep it off himself.  He would not hold still to get a really good picture, but this picture is totally him.

This is me cleaning up after all the hair was cut off and on the floor.  The only man in the house that didn't end up with a haircut that day that needed one was my hubby, and he still is needing one.  :)

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