Saturday, October 17, 2009

Logan turned SEVEN

Where oh WHERE has the time gone?  My little Boo Bear has turned SEVEN on me and I can still remember the day that he made his appearance into the world and he stole my heart FOREVER.

This little boy is the most unique little thing I have ever seen and you would not believe his love for Jesus.  I am so thrilled that he loves Him so much.

For Logan's Birthday he requested many is the list:
  1. Waffles for Breakfast
  2. Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for lunch and Grandma to come eat them with him
  3. Butterfly Pavillion with the Family (Grandma, Nette, Torrey, Turner and his mom and brothers - his daddy was in California, Grandpa was working and the K Larson's are in Georgia-BOO) - He got a membership for his birthday from Grandma and Grandpa Choo Choo.
  4. Coffee with his Mommy (His mom always told him that he had to be 7 before he got to drink coffee, so after the butterfly pavillion, we all went to Forza's to have coffee and the kids played Chinese Checkers with Grandma and Torrey)
  5. Beer Cheese Soup - or better known as Logan's Favorite Soup for supper with the family
  6. Banana splits with Grandpa and the family


Who can't love this doll...he knows what he wants and what is important...if you see all the FAMILY requests in there, that is what he views as special to him.  I totally love that about him.

The pictures that I have were taken by my Sister with our Camera as she forgot hers.  I have several too, but haven't downloaded them yet.  I was having fun taking some creative shots so will try to upload those later.

#1 - Casey holding Rosie the Tarantula
#2 - Logan holding Rosie the Tarantula
#3 - Grandma with the kids which is where you can find her most times.
#4 - Simon liked climbing up and down the steps and wanted our attention while he did it.  All the other kids were petting a starfish or horseshoe crab.
#5 - Simon liked the puddles, the drains and the bridges in here.  Didn't care so much about the butterflies that everyone else was staring at.
#6 - Logan enjoying the Zip Line.  Grandma pretty much lived here for a while.  Our kids kept wanting to go so she helped them reach the handle and every other kid that came up, she helped too.
#7 - Casey on the Zip line.  We were all surprised he could hang on because when it stopped, it really flung the kids hard.  Open the picture up larger and see his CUTE smile.
#8 - Casey was trying another vantage point to get his bean bag into a hole.
#9 - Can you handle how cute this larvae is?
#10 - At the end of the exhibit was a fun place for the kids to play a bit. Casey didn't like the spider in the web at all.

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