Friday, September 11, 2009

Weaning --> Weaned

Well, I never thought that Turner would be an early weaner (haha) but it appears that he is not longer having interest in nursing and wanting only a bottle.

I spent the afternoon crying in his room when I was trying to feed him and he just rejected me to stare at Daddy. He is such an independent little guy already and I HATE it. Why do they grow up so fast. In just a few short weeks he will be 1.

I haven't given up completely yet, but I think we are done nursing at this point. Torrey tried to encourage me and tell me we will have more that I can nurse. He always wants to fix things for me.


  1. Hey, Lynette, I think 1 year is longer than most...

    Listen to what you're saying: "He rejected me" instead of "he has outgrown/is to old for/etc"

    I KNOW that it's hard to let go of them... but try to look for the positive in it. Believe me, this is JUST the beginning, and it goes on and on. :-)

  2. Rob weaned himself at 8 I know what you are feeling! Hang in there. They still need us just not in that area.