Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Interview Update

The guy that was to interview him was leaving when Torrey came as he was sick I guess.

The other guy that interviewed didn't act too interested in things and one question Torrey asked disappointed him a ton. He asked about benefits and found out for him it would be only $5 a week, but to add me and Turner it would be $100 a week.

That is $4800 a year for us to have insurance...and that isn't even Torrey

That would be a HUGE cut in pay, so...he doesn't think this is it.

We have been praying about it and God knows what we need to do. He did go to Costco as he has a friend there and that friend told him that he should stick it out with Safeway since he has 20 years in and try to go for management again.

I mentioned that since he is there and they help pay for college that maybe we should take advantage of that and work to get him his associates at least.

Needless to say we have NO idea, but whatever is not of FAITH is we are walking on in FAITH and TRUSTING that God will show us our next step.

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  1. keep the faith. It is so hard at times, but please stick to your values and believe God knows the answer and he will reveal it to you.