Thursday, February 12, 2009

I sold a photo today :)

It is amazing how much I am growing in my faith with God. Being a stay at home mom really teaches you to learn to rely, trust and have faith in God and His provisions. I spend a lot of time praying when I feed my son and I am so thankful that I have not yet freaked out about where the money is coming from even on the weeks my husbands hours are cut.

I am sure you are asking what does the above have to do with selling a photo, well, it was merely a lead in to share how AWESOME God is to us.

Today I was baking goodies for my husband and the phone rang and I thought it was a solicitor so picked it up only to hang it up. I did this TWICE and the gentleman still called back. On the third call I answered and not with a kind voice at all (this will teach me to respond a little nicer as I never know what appointment God might have for me on the other end). The gentleman on the phone asked me if I was the Lynette that took the picture on the front of a newsletter. I told him that was me. He asked me where it was taken and if there was a way he could buy it as that is the area that he and his wife got married and I think he even said their anniversary is coming up.

It is so exciting to see the big and little ways that God provides for His Children.

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