Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Turner is 2 Weeks

We went to Turner's 2 week appointment and he hasn't gained the weight I had hoped for. He is only up to 8 pounds 6 ounces. Now for many babies that would be great but since my little one came out not so little, they want him back up to that birth weight and he just isn't there.

It is amazing how guilty you feel as a mom when they are not measuring where you are told they should be.

Turner and I have been chatting today and we are hoping to get in better sync with each other and get this mastered so that next week we are up to a better weight says the doctor. Plus Mommy is very weary of still being at the doctor's office weekly. Ready for a break from that place despite how much I appreciate our great doctor.

I was released to drive and do some light things but have still be instructed to take it easy. I was also released to take a BATH and I am so excited as my body is sore and just wanting a soak.

I have pictures of his 2 week, but am not going to mess with them right now. I hope to deal with pictures and getting his announcement done tomorrow.

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