Sunday, November 23, 2008

Picture Tag amongst Friends

Well, I have been seeing this show up on many blogs that I read and have found it interesting...this time I was tagged, so here is my photo.

This photo is a picture of my beloved waiting outside the operating room to be allowed admittance to support me and see the birth of our son. In his hand is the blanket my aunt made me when I was a baby and I had asked Torrey to make sure to give it to Turner to be warmed up in something personal rather than the blankets from the hospital.

Here is what you do:

This great photo of Tim ,Callie and Meg :) was taken in Nov. 2004 at Grandma and Grandpa Payne's house. It was Thanksgiving, Katy Korday had just called and said she was engaged!! Our family and the Payne's had spent the night there and had a wonderful holiday. Boy it seems long ago!!!!

Ok, I tag Misti Schindele, Hosanna Hanson, Rebekah Zeerip, Torrey Myers, & Ryan Pazdur. Not all of these have been active in posting these days so I hope that this will get them posting something, but most of all I hope the read this so they know they have been tagged to even post. :)

This is a Picture Tag and here's what the rules were:
Go to your Pictures file
Go to the 5th folder
Open the 5th picture and post it
Tag 5 people when you're done.

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