Friday, October 3, 2008

Turner Update

Was at the doctor today and everything is still looking good. They did another NST and he is responding as expected with no stress.

He has flipped and is head down and in the pelvic area as if he is ready...not just down, but there. AHHHH....

I told my doctor that I lost the plug yesterday and that I know it means nothing. He informed me that people like to say it means nothing, but it often means you will deliver in the next few weeks. I called and told my mom who just left for Wisconsin and she told me that I just have to wait till she is back.

The next full moon is Oct 14 and most hospitals say that they see a lot of labors on those days, so we will see.

I also mentioned to the doctor that I am thinking of taking my time off soon and he recommended it, so now just to do the logistics at work.

I got to see Turner's ear again and it is so odd how much it looks just like his dads.

Countdown to Turner is here and I am ready for him...for the most part I guess.

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