Friday, October 24, 2008

Sunday the 26th we are checking in

I will be checking into the hospital on Sunday night at 8 to start the meds. At this point my doctor says that I am not favorable for this induction because I am long and closed and high. He also says that due to my high level of fluids, my contractions are not helping because my uterus is having to work hard to contract. As well as the fact that my son keeps moving around because of the high level of fluids we still could be up for a c section.

I am nervous and scared and just wanting this to go well, so if people would just pray that Turner will stay down, not be too large for my pelvis and that the induction will respond well and that I don't have to do a c section if at all possible.

The one good thing is that my doctor tells me that I will not be going home without an empty uterus, so that is nice, but it could be 3+ days in the hospital just trying to get him out.


  1. We are praying. God is in control, rest in HIM. MOM

  2. It's Sunday!! I can't wait to see what he looks like!