Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still waiting

Well, we got here on Sunday and they put in cervidel and that helped soften me quite a bit and started contractions that night so I didn't get sleep.

Monday morning they put in a foley bulb (really a hot air balloon - or so it felt like it) to help open my cervix and start contractions. The contractions started and at about 4 the bulb fell out but my contractions subsided.

We decided to take a break so that I could eat and move around as I was stuck in bed the whole day and was sore just from sitting.

I got a great night sleep and woke up and they started pitocin at 5 and when the doctor came in at 7 I was at 4. I got my epidural before the doc got here so the exam was much nicer. He broke my water and I watched my stomach gone down literally because of the amount of fluid. It was CRAZY.

I have been having pretty normal contractions all day but because of the amount of fluid, Turner's head is still not engaging so the contractions alone are not helping to dilate or thin.

I am currently sitting up straight putting pressure on him so his head goes down and more fluid comes out. I cannot believe how much fluid is in there. But the odd thing is now my contractions are not as strong. They didn't up my pitocin because while I was laying down, Turner's heart rate would decrease so much so they didn't up them. Sitting up I haven't had the decelerations. He likes this position better as he has better accelerations, so I think they need to up the pitocin, but i am sure they are waiting for Doctor Yeash.

PLEASE ignore extra letters and such. I have things on my fingers and wires coming out of my arms and such so it is making it hard to type well.


  1. Thanks for the update. What a journey! Praying that the next time we hear from you will be with that sweet little boy in your arms.

  2. I am continuing to pray for you. Can't wait to see pictures of Turner!!