Thursday, July 31, 2008

Winter Park, here we come!!!

I was having a hard time waiting until November before I took some time off from work. We had wanted to do a fun Anniversary celebration week, but Torrey's job couldn't let him off at that time.

We decided to rent a cabin in Winter Park and invite my whole family up to spend some time with us but we told them they had to leave by Tuesday as we wanted some time alone. (I know, mean!)

The cabin is a friend of ours and we can rent it for so cheap. It isn't full of perks, but what other perks do you need but time out of the city with special family.

We will be leaving tomorrow and the rest of the family will leave Monday while Torrey and I stay on till Thursday and be returning to help with the IABC conference at our church that evening.

I am looking for time away to be able to think, rest and contemplate what God has in mind for our future and my job. Please be praying as things are really a mess here and everyday is a struggle with being here and handling the stress that comes.

My colleague hasn't been in a lot as her father was diagnosed with Cancer and she has been trying to spend her days with him and we are down 2 head counts in our department and my boss is out with back pain so I am running solo trying to stay caught up with my stuff plus all the stuff that trickles down from the 4 we are short right now. To top it off, there is a gal here that is making life tough for me and I am trying to keep a happy face knowing that God has a plan and part of it could be that the transition from working to being a parent because less sad because my job has become less of what I want to do.

Anyway, I am NOT taking any computer with on our trip so you will not get updates for a while.

I know I need to do another pregnancy picture and I will try to do one tonight and post it, but I have to prepare for tomorrow as well so it might be when I get back.

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