Monday, July 28, 2008

The Car is OURS

WOO HOO...we paid off the camry today. It is ours free and clear and just a few months after we paid off the truck. No more car payments and almost completely free and clear of debt outside of a mortgage.

We are really trying to tackle as much as we can before I quit and stay home and come up with new opportunities to bring in some income and save our family money. Keep praying for us as we set out with great faith in our endeavors.


  1. Congratulations...isn't that a freeing feeling? Now what to do with the extra money? Save it, you've proven thatyou could make the payment each month, now instead of the payment put it in the bank...

  2. We plan to put as much in the bank as we can but we also know that in just a few months our income will be greatly reduced and the savings will be minimal. We have talked about saving it for the van we assume we may need someday.

  3. Great job. No car payments is a great way to live. We know people who refuse to have a car payment and the have 7 children. God has always worked it out for them. We can not say we have lived without car payments but the times when we have it has been really nice. Good for you. It will help as your income gets smaller.