Friday, July 11, 2008

Life's little turn of events

I had so many plans for today as I wanted to prepare for our anniversary and finish up a project I was working on.

The first thing that I did after Torrey left is do some organizing. I really like to do this and feel like I have forgotten how. Then I ran off to deliver something to a friend so I could get it off my table and then went to the Post office to mail something to my get one more thing out of my house and off my checklist. (I also like lists and sticky notes. :D )

When I came home, I thought I would check on our refrigerator. Since we bought it last year we seem to continue to have fun so this week I bought some thermometers to watch how the freezer and cooler are holding their temps. I had just mentioned yesterday to Torrey that we might want to think about buying a new refrigerator before the baby comes as we have the extra now and later it will be harder and I don't want a ton of spoiled food at a time when we are trying to live tighter.

Anyway....back to the story...They were both not as cold as I wanted them and thought I just need to adjust the dials again as that is a pretty consistent thing that I have to do these days. After adjusting those, I went to Craig's List to try to find another one. I found a few that look interesting and emailed the people selling. My head is still torn and uncertain about going this route again as that is where we got the one having trouble. We also happened to get a brand that later I find out is TERRIBLE. I typical research more than that so am upset that we bought it in the first place, but we got our money out of it I guess.

Back to the refrigerator I go to check the temps again and to make some lunch because this little baby has me hungry more than I like to be. TADA...the temps are not good. Well, that is a very relative statement because if my house was at 60 degrees or if outside was at that instead of the CRAZY high temps we are running (100's) I am sure people would love that number. Food doesn't like it so much and the butter in the refrigerator was melting. That can't be a good thing.

I now check the freezer to see if maybe just half of it decides to not be cold. Trying to hold onto some optimism as this was not in my plans for the day. Well, the freezer is at 40 and things are melting. So I place a call to Torrey to let him now that he no longer gets to think about it and now we have to do something. He said that we can do it after he is off work.

I decide to start looking online for some deals to see what is out there. Then I call my sister-in-law to see if she would let me put my stuff in her extra Refrigerator. I told her I would bring it over later after my search for a new one. I call my mom to see if she has anymore coupons from their move and they don't. She said she could have dad look at it and I said that I am done and we are getting one that we can count on since right now we have the extra (not that I was ready to spend it but thrilled that we have it.)

The trip started at Lowes and every fridge that I looked at had 1 dimension that would not work. So then I went to Safeway to get gas and the gas truck didn't come so decided instead to say hi to Torrey and ask him to pray that I find a fridge and that I can get to a gas station as I am on fumes (I don't drive the car much as I walk everywhere and didn't notice how low it was. My car lasts almost 2 months WOO HOO). I head off toward the location of Sears and Home Depot and figure I have to pass a gas station at some point, yeah I didn't. I go into Sears and look and the guy informs me that if I buy it by 3 that I can have it delivered tomorrow. It is 2:50 at this time and I still want to check Home Depot. I know that we are trapped a bit and need something, but their prices were much higher than Lowes and I am a cheap skate and figure God had something better and wasn't going to rush into it.

I head across the street to Home Depot and they do not have a lot of selection at all but the guy was very helpful. I told him what I needed and then looked at the one I thought would work and 1 dimension was off. He said hang on and measured back behind the door hinge and it was the height I needed. I had NO idea that they counted the mounting on the top for the measurement. Could have solved that as I had a tape measure with me but was taking their word for it (dad would roll his eyes at me if he saw that). This opened all new doors now. He took me to some floor models that we could take home that very day, but only one would work and it was all dinged up. Not that anxious to get it. So we go back and check on the other fridge that I liked, but it can't be delivered until Wednesday...NO good....back on the road I go.

At this point I decided to head back to Lowes since they were the cheapest and now I think they might fit as well. Before I do that, I have to find a gas station as God is being gracious with the gas vapors because there is nothing left. I find the gas station and fill up with more gas than my gas tank says that it will hold. Praise the Lord for making it.

Back on the road to Lowes. I make it there and find the fridge I want, now to find someone to help me. Wonderful Cheryl comes out to help and I show her the fridge I want and she takes me to the desk and we start the paperwork. I ask her how soon I can get it and she tells me tomorrow. I am thrilled. She then asks if I want it in the morning or afternoon. I told her the sooner the better since I had a dead fridge at home, however, it wouldn't let her select it so she called for an override (I think she was being extra helpful because I just complimented her on her beautiful engagement ring. It was very decorative and unique and so she then shared some of her story...have to be a girl even when shopping under pressure and what girl doesn't like to hear about wedding plans?) So, I now hope to have one of the first deliveries of the day. As we are continuing with the transaction I mention to her that this became our anniversary present. I told her that we are trying to get this taken care of as we are heading out of town for our first anniversary. She looks at me and said that I qualify for 12 months no interest and free delivery. WOO HOO...I'll take it. I am thankful that we have the money as we had been working to pay of some debt and did that in less than a year so we started saving up and have enough for the fridge and enough extra for the 3 months of savings that I like to have plus some. I figure, If I qualify for that, lets keep the money earning interest as we can have it paid off whenever we want. I love it when things work out well.

So, all of this is done, the fridge stuff is at Kelly and Cristina's, our freezer stuff is packed in our garage freezer and the stuff we need is in a cooler on ice. I didn't get the stuff done for my husband for his anniversary, but maybe I will finish tomorrow and if not, he is so understanding and grateful that what I do have he will love. I am so thankful that I went out last night to help him and pick up the dog food so he could come right home as I was able to do the shopping I had hoped to do today.

This is the day the LORD has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.
He also provided the funds so that it was less stressful in the long run, plus it was my day off so I didn't have to figure all of this out around work.

I am so thankful for His provisions even the ones that feel a little uncomfortable. This day did not distress me like others have. It is all because of Him and me spending time loving Him.

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