Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A1C and Iron

It is crazy how quick your blood work can come back. I am not used to getting results so speedily. I absolutely love the Doctor and the office I am at.

My A1C is doing great. I am at a 6.6. When I was first pregnant, they ran it and I was at an 8.7 so that is huge improvement. They did inform me that my iron is low so now I need to get some Iron supplements.


  1. could be why you've been so tired.... MOM

    Oh, by the way, Dad always said that he was allergic to iron, so watch what it does to you.

  2. Hey Lynette, So good to see your blog, I ran into your sister at the CHEC conference. She asked if I had a sister-in-law named Jen and i said no. BRAIN CRAMP! (I was thinking of my brother's wife.) I just made my blog an invite only, so please give me your email address. Mine is Thanks. Congrats on your little one. Very exciting.