Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tootsie's Pink Party

Little Adrianna loves pink and anything pretty so when her mommy asked her what she wanted for her birthday, I don't think anyone was surprised to hear she wanted a pink party. That makes for a pretty easy party and less expensive than all those theme parties.
This little girl even got the men to dress in pink (all except Grandpa Larson, he got as close as he had).

Here are some of the pictures from her special day.

Uncle Jason made this flower as a decoration on Adrianna's present.

I was informed on this very day that I am just like Adrianna....I think my face is still showing some concern to that statement. Adrianna is a very lovely little girl, but she has a very strong will to her. You never like to hear about yourself the things you struggle with and I hate knowing that little Adrianna has a long road in front of her where God will try to gain access to her heart and that she will have that daily struggle of letting Him have it.

Torrey and I got the little dance outfit for Adrianna because she is a little princess and loves to dress up. We found it at a garage sale and knew instantly it would be a hit.

Adrianna was unable to blow out her candles so her brother quickly jumped in to help her like he does so often. He likes to help and please her and she often likes to take advantage of her brother's big heart. It is fun to watch the dynamics of these little people.

Her cake as called many things: Alice in Wonderland Cake, Dr. Seuss Cake and there was one more and my head completely forgets it now. I will post it later when I remember.

This little purse she got from her Grandma Sonne that contained treasures from Adrianna's namesake Stacey.

This little dress Grandma Larson made for the little Miss Priss. I believe that she will officially take over this title from her Auntie Amy. Auntie Amy (from childhood) pales in comparison to this little girl.


  1. Thanks for posting all of these. I didn't have a lot of them.

  2. This is a great party. God can and does use strong willed people. Often strong willed people are the ones who get things done for God. Most missionaries are strong willed people. I think God is going to use the new miss priss in amazing ways that will shock everyone.

    I also think she has to be strong willed with all the boys she is always around.