Wednesday, June 25, 2008

July 7th

At 1:30 on July 7th, Torrey and I are hoping to find out officially what we are having. We are so excited to find out and to be able to address the child with a name. We have the name for the girl as we had that one picked out before we got pregnant. The name we had for the boy does not feel right, but we have a long list of possibilities.

We are thankful that the baby is growing and appears to be healthy and can hardly wait to meet them. I know it appears that there are a lot of pink things and that we are leaning one direction. We have received several girl items as gifts and have grabbed some that we have seen on sale, but we also have some garage sale finds for a boy, so we are not particular nor will we love them less if they are a different sex from what we are feeling at this time.

Torrey has always wanted a girl first but really is just so excited that he gets to experience being a dad which he has always wanted to be. I am also thrilled and have never cared what I would have.


  1. it is so exciting! What is your guess? Callie finds out on the 8th!

  2. I am guessing a girl. I have felt like it was a girl from the start so we will see.

    What does Callie think she is having? Her doctor is letting her find out earlier than mine would. Mine suggested a while back that it appears to be a girl, but he never likes to make a call until closer to 24 weeks as I guess the boys like to surprise you a little later.