Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Great to look back

I was looking back over some old email and ran across one that I wrote to a friend on January 10, 2007. That was the day before I was to leave to visit my cousin in Wisconsin and right after I had been dating Torrey for 2 weeks.

Here is the Story

He showed up at my house last night after he got off work. He was going
to call me at about 11 so I was in bed resting until he did that as I
figured we would talk late (and actually we would have had more time to
talk had he done that, but this we better.)

He knocked on my door at about 11ish and came in and sat with me for a
bit and told me how he is really falling for me. He then asked me to go
to my bedroom. I just looked at him and he asked if I trusted him and I
said I did so he told me to just do as he asked.

At that point, he went out the door and came back in and I heard him in
the kitchen.

He finally called me out and had me sit down, close my eyes and hold out
my hands. He placed a beautiful gift bag in my hands with multiple
colors of tissue paper. He told me he made the package beautiful
because I deserved the best and I am beautiful.

He told me to pull out one color at a time until I got to the prize. I
pulled out a Thomas Kinkade book (A book of Joy) and a card. The Card
he told me I am not allowed to open until I am in Milwaukee in my room
alone and it is late at that is killing me. In the book he
wrote a very lovely note and my favorite part is that he signed it:

With you!

Is that fabulous or what.

Then he called me when he got home, about 1, to tell me he was thinking
of me and would pray for me today as I have a big all day meeting with a
Vendor. He said he would call me later and would miss me and to sleep


Well, we see where this story did lead as God brought us together after a very short period of dating.

God is still working in us mostly for me to die to myself and care for Torrey.

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