Sunday, July 17, 2005

Whose ways are best?

We love to ask God for things. So often our prayers consist of pleas for His mercy and kindness to us or our loved ones. When you go to Him and ask, do you ask with confidence or do you have doubt in your asking?

I find it amazing that in my heart and head I know that I am called to prayer and that we are to take our requests and petitions before Him, but for me, I know that often I take things fully believing, when it is for others, but when it comes to me, I lack the faith that I will have a favorable response.

Just to state those things for people to read makes me feel like an awful hypocrite. I am challenged in this area to grow in my faith and trust of my Lord. I don't want to have to look at Him someday and say that I lacked faith and didn't believe that Your ways for me were best.

In my questioning of things, I do not demonstrate the belief that God's ways ARE best. I like to think that if God REALLY knew me that my life would be very different. The life I live now, I would never have dreamed for myself. To take a dream, and one that is still very real, and then look at the reality of life and see how vastly different the two are, can cause bitterness to have a foothold. Bitterness is such a destroying sin in our life. It robs the joy that we are to have. Bitterness makes it hard for people to see Jesus in our life.

Take a look at the dreams you hold dear and weigh them out. Do they overrun your mind in your times alone? Do they stop you from service, do they cause you envy and sadness? Feel free to dream, but remember that God does ALL things for our best. His ways are best for us.

We may never see why they are best, this side of eternity, but there are reasons. Make sure your testimony points to God and not to a bitter heart.

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