Thursday, July 14, 2005

Are you slave or free?

When the Bible talks about a slave or servant, the Greek word is Doulos. Did you know that Doulos refers to a position of complete obedience, utter humility and unshakeable loyalty. Obedience is the work expected, humility is our position and loyalty is our relationship with the master.

If you look throughout the Bible you will see many apostles, brothers and leaders referring to themselves as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. They could have put on a haughty spirit due to how they were being used by God, but instead, they took their rightful position allowing others to turn their gaze to the One that deserves the glory. Are we willing to have humility of heart and spirit to allow others to see Christ bigger than us? I am afraid to say that often I want the attention more than I think Christ is seen in me. I serve a powerful God, but I make Him so small in my mind, emotions, spirit and life.

Another interesting thing to think about is how they addressed Jesus. They called themselves servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. Have you ever thought about this title to really understand the meaning it contains? I can say it never really crossed my mind outside of when I was a child I was so confused with all the names that I didn't know which one was right and which one I would get in trouble for using wrong. Sad way to think of the names of Jesus, but I would like to share with you that I think there is more to it than just 3 names put together. I think there is a very important point.

1 - Lord = the agreeing that He has the right to rule
2 - Jesus = the accepting of His humanity
3 - Christ = the reality of His Messiahship

That is a powerful punch when you think about it. I hope to think more on the use of the 3 names together as I am sure there is more purpose to it than I am walking away with tonight, but am excited to have that new concept enter my thoughts to ponder further.

When you think of yourself, do you think too highly than you ought to think? Here are some new ways to think about that verse. When you talk about yourself do you seek to impress or express? Where is your mind and heart when you talk about yourself? Are your thoughts all about God's greatness and goodness or more about how impressed you are with what you have accomplished? We do not have a problem loving ourselves at all. I don't think Self-esteem is really an issue we have to worry about. If you really think about it, people that have low self-esteem, as noted by the world, are people that take a lot of time to think about themselves. Isn't it true that things we like and love we spend a lot of time on, so how can we as Christians really embrace the idea of low self-esteem? My head is a whirl just thinking about it now. The thoughts are just pouring through my mind as I try to understand what God is showing. I am sure that the thoughts in this paragraph may offend people, and that is not my intention. I believe that God states in His Word that we have a tendency to think too highly of ourselves (Romans 12:3), so with the very reference in His Word, I am not sure that you have been offended by me, but rather by the truth of Scriptures. In any case, please think about what God may be telling you in Romans 12:3. Do you need to lay down the thoughts you have for yourself so you can be a Doulos for God?

Doulos is a word in the Bible that showed commitment. Are we committed to Christ? If not, what has our attention or worship?

As a slave, we are to obey completely, without question and without delay. Do we do this in our service to Christ? What sins keep us from doing this?

Oh that we can be found faithful and can be known as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Wouldn't it be a nice introduction to be able to truly state, "I'm [name], a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ," and know that we have been faithful to lift Christ to a position He is worthy of and put ourselves in a place where we reflect His character and not ours?

To be a slave is to indeed be free in Christ. Do not try to be free in the world and thus become a slave to it. Serve the right Master. There is an eternal reward that you cannot begin to imagine.

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