Friday, July 15, 2005

Are you in a prison?

Satan loves to keep a person in such a defeated state of mind that they become totally ineffective for the cause of Christ.

The irony is that very things you consider shameful can be used by God for His glory. Are we too filled with pride that we would rather hide than allow God to be glorified in the situations in our life? Do we embellish what has happened to make it sound better of worse than it was?

Is your greatest desire to pursue the lover of your soul?

What hope does the light of life give you? John 8:12

Has fear erected bars in your prison cell of loneliness?

Don't allow the situations in your life to put in you a defeated state so that you end up living in a prison that you have created. God uses everyone's story to bring others to Him and to work so that your life reflects Christ's more and more each day.

Sin can be a very humiliating thing, but we are to be humble in our walk with Christ, and we should be turning from our sin. If having to reveal the sin in our lives, due to humiliation, keeps us from sin, then that is God's grace at work. He wants us to turn from sin and will help us as He thinks is best.

Open your prison cell and find the Light of Life. Let Him use you to encourage others.

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