Thursday, December 4, 2014

Twig Tree Ornaments

Twig Tree Ornaments
Every year I like to make a Christmas ornament. This year I thought I would include something that would require my son to learn to tie a knot. We have been working on tying a shoe, so lets do some more tying for Christmas.
This was a cheap and easy craft to do and turns out oh so cute. We made a larger one to hang on our front door.
The original idea I found on pinterest. You can link up to their original blog at Fire Flies and Mud Pies.

  1. Sticks (we wandered around our yard and grabbed various sizes)
  2. Ribbon scraps (I used greens, reds and whites)
  3. Scissors

  1. Tie the scraps of ribbon down the stick.
  2. trim the pieces so the length ascends in size down the stick
  3. tie a piece of ribbon to the top to hang as an ornament

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