Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thirteen months old

It is amazing how you don't have to be aware of anything for your very being to just know. 

Yesterday I was having a really hard day and struggled with emotions and sleep. I didn't connect it until later that night. It was the end of another month. My precious Madilyne is 13 months. 
The time seems so long ago yet just seconds in the past. I still miss her so much and will forever wish things were different. 

I have seen many blessings in my life and my families as a result, so praise The Lord it wasn't all in vain. 

My son still talks of what a great big brother he is to Lena. Every balloon he gets he sends up to heaven with hugs and kisses for her. He wishes over and over that she was here with us. I don't know that any would disagree. 

Today was a little less emotional, but still felt some if the weight. 

I love you my beautiful and perfect Madilyne.

This is Turner at 13 months. Would you look anything like him, what would you be doing?  We know you are getting to learn from your father and praise him in complete abandon. What is that like?  I can hardly wait to do that with you. 

You are loved and missed by so many. I will never forget and always hope others won't forget or stop speaking of how their life was changed as a result if your life. 

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