Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My baby girl is 11 months

How big are you baby, I sure don't know. I bet you are so big with still room to grow.

You're bigger I know than piglet and pooh, that Turner David had bought for you. 

That is a variation of the first two pages of the book I LOVED as a little girl. 

We sure miss knowing what you would look like. What you would sound like. What your personality would be. We miss EVERY part of you. 

Your precious cousin Simon asked me the other day if I miss you, think about you and remember you. I assured him that I do. He asked me if I see a baby if I want to hold it or if that makes me sad. I told him yes, yes and sometimes both at the same time. He told me that he just doesn't want me to forget you. He said he wants me to have another Lena. I told him there would never be another you, but we sure would love the blessing of another precious child. He promised to pray with us for that. 

I am sad that you miss out experiencing them, they you, but most of all I am sad that you don't get to experience Turner. He loves you so much and so desperately wants a sibling. I do hope that God will bless us with one somehow. Mostly because I want Turner to see an answered prayer and see his faith grow. He is so close to a saving knowledge. We want him to be able to meet you as well. 

I do hope that Jesus tells you about all of us. We miss you. You have touched people's hearts, I just know it. A few have told us how. We love to hear your name and the difference you have made to others.  

Love you from earth to heaven. 


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