Friday, June 21, 2013

Free box of macaroni and cheese

Every kid loves macaroni and cheese, right? Parents like it even better, when it’s FREE.

Betty Crocker is partnering with King Soopers to push its line of mac & cheese.  You can get a FREE box of Betty Crocker Mac & Cheese and it tastes good. Turner and I first had it when we were in Wisconsin. However, there are a few steps to getting your freebie. Today, Friday, June 21 (and today only), the digital coupon is available to download on your SoopersCard. However, the digital coupon itself expires Saturday, July 6, so you have a few weeks to grab your box. Of course, this means your SoopersCard must be registered online. Once it’s downloaded on your card, the cost will be deducted from your bill with the swipe of your card. (Or, for those who keep a lighter wallet, you can just enter the phone number associated with your account at checkout.) There’s a limit of one box per person — while supplies last.

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