Saturday, October 6, 2012

25 December 2011

Dear Baby,

I am pretty certain, now, that I am pregnant and getting to experience my "first" Christmas with you.  I have not yet told your dad or anyone of my suspicions as I do not want to get any one's hopes up, but I am thankful that I get to celebrate with you.

You have already been the cause of some interesting symptoms, and where they are not enjoyable in the least, I am thanking God for another opportunity to be pregnant.

How exciting to be pregnant during Christmas and being able to really connect with the gift of life that Christmas stand for.  I am thankful that God sent His son for us, the ultimate gift and sacrifice.  Help me keep my eyes on you as I walk this life out.

We have so much to celebrate this Christmas as we have our blessing Turner and our new additions in Georgie and Bently.  What a joy they have been to us.  We have faced many trials related to them as well, but I hope that we are learning a lot in these opportunities and finding ways to use them to serve Jesus and others.

Thank you, Jesus, for another opportunity to enjoy pregnancy.  Please help me, as I am sure I will have far more fear and anxiety in this pregnancy.  I want to be found faithful to you during this pregnancy.  Since losing Jordan, I have been so angry and distant to all around me.  Help me heal and rejoice in all areas in my life including the trials that come my way.

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