Saturday, October 20, 2012

22 January 2012

Dear Baby,

I told daddy last night that you were on your way.  He is excited and scared, as I am.  We are so hopeful for another child to come into our home, but after losing Jordan, our hearts are so scared.  We took some time to pray for you and for us as we walk out this pregnancy and wanting to trust in Him for the outcome.  We know He is our sustainer.

We told the boys that you were coming too, and they are excited. Our home is going to be very full, but I have always wanted 6 kids, so we are on our way.  We still don't know how things will play out with Bently and Georgie, but we are trusting God there for the best for all of us.  Love can be so crazy, yet full and worth it.

Love you forever and always,


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