Thursday, October 25, 2012

19 January 2012

Dear Baby,

Today is Bently's first birthday.  We celebrated tonight as a family.  We had some cupcakes and had Bently open his gifts.  We got him a fun barn puzzle.  Bently has looked like a rooster since we got him because his hair would stand up just like one, so we decided to do his birthday in a farm theme for him.  We thought about a monkey too, because he is momma's little monkey.  The rooster won out because Georgie and Turner wanted that instead.

We also gave Bently his favorite snack foods.  We bought him the puffs in every flavor that they had at Walmart.

So glad that you were able to be part of it with us.  You were thought of and loved.

Happy Birthday, Bently.  We love you.

Love you little one,


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