Friday, March 30, 2012

Sensory Park, Westminster, CO - 4 1/2 Giraffes

Turner and I are going to try to hit as many parks this summer to help us find some of our favorites.

Today we went to Sensory Park in Westminster (10376 Wadsworth Blvd) and I loved what I saw.  The only real downfall was that they didn't have a toilet of any kind and would have loved more trees.  I am hoping that with the spring coming that the trees that surround it will put off enough shade to solve the one issue that I have.  The toilet issue, I can overcome for my son by bringing a potty chair with me, but for a pregnant lady, that will not do.  Target is just a walk away, so that will make it a little easier.

Another perk is that if anyone gets hurt, it is just right next to Childrens.  Here is a link to some great pictures and information.

Some of the favs of the park:
- sand table
- lots of sand
- water fountain (wasn't on right now, but betting it will be)
- covered picnic tables
- road for bikes, tricycles, scooters, roller blades
- creek near by for exploring
- path for walking
- music area
- bridges
- safe for toddlers
- 3 different types of swings
- basket for throwing balls into
- I am sure there is more that I don't remember

Here is a map to the Sensory park and in the future, I will try to take pictures of the area for those that might actually be reading this and there may be none, but this can be a brain for me so I can remember what I like.

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