Saturday, November 7, 2009

Turner's 1st Birthday Party

We had Turner's birthday party on the 31st for a few reasons...
1 - His grandparents, Aunt Amy and the Walker cousins were in Georgia visiting my brother's family until the 28th
2 - His Uncle Jason was in California until the 30th
3 - We brought him home from the hospital on the 31st so thought it would be fun.

 There are lots of pictures and I didn't take them this time.  I took advice from my sister and got out from behind the camera and enjoyed the festivities and asked HER to take some for me.  She and Jason helped me out with capturing the moment and I got to actually see the moment happen.  I even stayed pretty calm during the hosting part.

Here are a few of the favorite pictures:

Turner sitting at his birthday bash spread of food. The two little cakes up front were was a BUG theme as we have called him our Love Bug or Doodle Bug.

One of his cakes, Ants on a log, and Cucumber/Carrot Caterpillar

Snails (Tortilla Roll ups), Ladybugs (tomato, olive, cream cheese crackers)

Another cake and Celery grasshopper.

2 more cakes

A pineapple Bee

Turner with his cousin Casey

Singing Happy Birthday - Casey is there to help with the candles

Cousin Logan came to help too - he is sporting the Happy Birthday headband I made for the kids.

Turner went for the Licorice antennea

Turner mad because momma took the licorice

Started eating the cake (my new "mantle" in the background.  I will post pictures of that change later)

This is as messy as he got.  He didn't get into the cake like I thought he would...if it were ice cream, that would have been a different story.

Turner opening presents

Our Pooh Bear got a pooh bear was a hit for all the kids

This outfit says "Daddy is my HERO."  It is so true...1 year pictures coming in this outfit.

The toy room and some of the kids...Toys were EVERYWHERE

More kids...and I still don't have all of them

Uncle Tim and Aunt Daycia

Grandpa Choo Choo catching a quick rest

And Now the gifts
(so that Aunt Nina and Uncle Kelly feel like they were there)

Piggy Bank Money - GG (Great Grandma Olson)
Piggy Bank Money - Aunt Yvonne
Book - Stasi (picture coming)
Walker's - ???? still a surprise

Blocks, punching bag and Gift card from Grammy Mary

Book and blocks from Aunt Daycia, Uncle Tim and cousins Brandon and Megan

2 shirts, pants, rattle and splash mat from Grandma Joan

2 movies from Tim and Lisa

My Dad is my Hero outfit from Joseph, Stacie, Josiah, Jolene

Jogging Suit and Water Toy from Dennis, Kristi, Rebekah, Jonathan, Timothy & Benjamin

Book and some Piggy Bank Money from Grandma and Grandpa Sonne

Water toys and Sand toys from Aunt Nina, Uncle Kelly and Cousins Ocho and Tootsie

Bear Puppet and Sweat Shirt from Craig, April, Kevin & Cara

Summer outfit and Frog Prince Puppet from Michael, Keli, Jonah and Lilly

Airplane riding toy, mittens and hat from Salvador and Delmy

Activity cube from Melissa

Foam blocks, 2 outfits a zoo pass and "piggy bank" money from Grandma and Grandpa Choo Choo

2 shirts, a 1st birthday bib, book, Jesus love me block, cereal and video from Paul, Ruth, Paul Joshua and Isaiah

DVD Case holder and Love-me-Downs (videos, music, shoes, boots, shirts, pants, shorts, walker toy and blocks) from Shannon, Scott, Elijah and Xavier

Turner enjoying his water toy from Aunt Nina, Uncle Kelly, Ocho and Tootsie


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  1. Wow! What an amazing birthday party! I'll definitely have to suggest a bug party to the boys next summer for their birthdays. Those cakes were so great!

    Katie loves licorice, too. I'm amazed how many people showed up on the 31st! We had Brianna's party the next day and only had two guests make it.