Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bring the Rain


We just saw an incredible concert at Faith Day at the Rockies and they played one of my favorite songs that just had me crying because of the stuff going on with Torrey's Family.

While I was worshiping My wonderful Savior I cried out and said to bring the rain if it brings Him glory. Well, I am trying to be ready but I must admit that my day today has been hard where I have had to take many moments of reflection with my Father. My circumstances will never change who I am in HIM. I want to be drawn closer during this time.

I came home from babysitting and shared with Torrey how God so loves to care for us in small details and since putting a scripture verse in my email signature, I have really seen some great things happen. We were able to get a few things we had been praying for because the freecycle people saw my verse in my signature.

Now that I have been home a bit, my heart is much heavier. I am just feeling overloaded with all the things that we need to take care of. I know that my Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills and will take care of me...I KNOW this, but I am having a hard time trusting this. Sitting in front of me are doctor's bills we still have to pay (all have been negotiated and being paid on so that is good) our water heater died last night...or started leaking, our dishwasher died today, I am working on estimates for a furnace that is 29 years old...on and on.

I told Torrey today that this is the time that either I believe what Jesus says or I don't. Why is it when you are have these things facing you does it feel like there is no way to get out. I told Torrey as well that I have seen God take care of us in the little things, so I know He can. The big things haven't been in our lives (well that isn't true even while I type this as we have Turner). So, I just needed to write this to help me remember that God is there and we are seeking him with all our heart and he promises to take care of us. We will have to figure out what to do and when. My hands might be really soft and clean for a while since a dishwasher is a complete luxury. I actually just told a friend the other day that I like to do dishes these days as I find it relaxing...I guess I will relax and spend time with Jesus.

Sorry that this has rambled all over the place, as you can see my head is swimming in details and trying to just ask God for wisdom and then to trust in what He will do in this situation.

Keep praying for Torrey and Sprouts. He called today and they are working to make decisions on managers this week and next and then will move on to the crew. We would love for Torrey to get a position as a manager in a department, but more than anything I just want him to have a new opportunity with a company that appears to really appreciate their staff.

Also, keep praying for the Myers family. Mary stood up to her son and told her she doesn't like how he is living his life and he pretty much said he wants nothing to do with her and that everyone has always favored Torrey....etc.

God is working in many places and I want to be found faithful...

oh and YEAH for Amy, she stood strong for her Jesus and shared her faith with a friend and we hope that she will be coming to church with us. She likes our family and thinks we are different, which is what provided Amy the opportunity to share why we are different.

enough of the ramble...thanks to those that made it to the end.


  1. Hang on and see the wonderful ways that God will work in your behalf......He will bring you all the way down, so that the only way is to look UP......

  2. I love that song too. I will continue to pray for you. Trusting God during hard times is sooooooo hard!! Hugs to you! I am so proud of you!

  3. Lynette... any true faith is going to be tested, as yours is now... and you ARE being found faithful! The greatest thing God teaches us through times of struggle is what He told Abraham... "I am your shield, your very great reward". (Genesis 15:1) We so desire to see continual tangible evidence of God working in our lives... and it is in the lessons we learn that He reveals Himself to us in precious ways and in greater depth than we realized before. HE is our great reward... He really is all is have, and all we really need. He knows He is all we need, but we need trials to teach us this incredible truth, and He is so faitful to fulfill us as we continue to pursue Him. Lynette, your testimony through trials is being used by God, and all of us are blessed to know you and to pray for you along your journey. Thank you for sharing your heart with us! We love you!

  4. Hey, Lynette! I saw Louie Giglio's talk on How Great is Our God today. I think I remember you talking about it to me months ago. If you still have it, you might enjoy watching it again. God reminded me that if He is big enough to perfectly place the stars, He can handle my problems perfectly, too - and give strength as we wait upon the Lord! He is a great God, and a good God! I am praying for you!