Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Trip to Wisconsin Part 1 (May 2-5)

Torrey, Turner and I took a nice trip to Wisconsin the first of May. I got a ticket for me for only $5 so we just had to get one for Torrey and I found one at a great price, so we had a cheap vacation before be became too broke to consider such a thing...Actually we bought the tickets before I officially quit my job.

Here are some pictures from our time. Most of it we spent just chilling with Grandma. I love being in Wisconsin because I never feel in a hurry.

When we got there on Saturday, we drove to my Uncle Doug's and he had a nice meal for us. We sat and chatted for some time with him, Tegan and Mike.

On Sunday, we went to church at my friend Jodi's church and after church we had lunch together. Her whole family came to greet us and it was so much fun to reconnect. I have known them since I was born...or rather they have known me. :)

I also got to meet someone that my parents had in their youth group and used to babysit me. That was too crazy.

Here is my special little man and my wonderful grandma having a little snooze together. Turner really took to Grandma and Vice Versa. She sang so many songs to him and now I can't seem to remember which ones they were. I keep hoping I think of it as I have a craft idea for them.

On this day, Turner turned 27 weeks and we wondered around to different places of memories (Where I was born, Where I lived after I was born, Where my parents got married, Where they went on a date). We also visited a cheese house and I just had to get a picture of my little and big men wearing cheese heads.

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