Monday, June 15, 2009

MSBA Alumni

This year was a great year for a reunion. There were so many people there that it made it hard to visit with everyone, so I was thinking that it could be fun to just set up a recurring picnic that we all can count on. It will allow us to continue to grow the list of alumni contacts and families.

The Squires Park in Westminster is a great park with a beautiful shelter and is cheap to rent for the whole day. We would need someone that lived in Westminster to help us reserve it if we were to do that.

I was thinking that each year we could have a different class be "in charge" of the details of it.

As to funding it, we could put out a collection jar at the picnic that will help fund the next years picnic. It could, at the very minimum, pay for the park.

Here is a poll that I created to get an idea of the weekend that might sound the best for all. With School graduations, family vacations and schools starting up at all different times, I want to get a general consensus before I work to set up the remaining details of this.

Squires Park

If there were a yearly MSBA Picnic, which weekend would you want it to be every year?

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