Monday, January 26, 2009

Turner's frist time swimming

We were invited to Elijah's 5th Birthday party and he wanted everyone to go swimming. I was not sure if Turner would like it but thought we would try it out. I figured even if he screamed and we took him right out, it would be nice to see Shannon and Scott and just get out with my husband and son.

It turned out that Turner really did like it. He was splashed when getting into the pool and he did NOT like that so much, but once he was in, he was content to site, cuddle or kick his legs. I am so proud of him. We will definitely have to do that again.

He did get more wet than this...all of his was wet by the time he was out. I even put some on his hair to see what he would think.

I am blessed with a pretty easy-going baby.

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