Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Family Workday at Kelly & Cristina's

We had another family workday and this time we were at Cristina and Kelly's. I didn't see a lot of everyone as I was stationed in Tootsie's(Adrianna) room to work on finishing my special painting project. I still did not get it completed, but it is closer. I also rearranged her room so it is set up in stations. I am hoping this will help her mommy out a little bit as she gets a little stressed seeing toys right when you walk in.

Since I stayed in one place, I ended up with all the kids with me at one point or another. Simon (9 months) is a great vacuum cleaner. It is amazing what these little people can find to put in their mouths.

I was also tasked with cutting hair, but I didn't get that far.

I also do not have pictures of Adrianna's room yet, but will try to do that at the very end. I am not good with these progression shots, but I did get some good shots of Simon standing on his own and then trying to get my son to smile. He smiled really big when Nina had out her camera, but the minute I got mine, not so much.

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