Friday, January 2, 2009

2 month check-up

So, today was Turner's two month check up and I knew that he was going to be getting shots but was not certain if I could get him Tylenol to help him as last I had heard we weren't to give kids meds, so I waited to find out from the doctor.

After the doctor's appointment I went to Big lots to see if they had them and a few other things and they didn't. I was going to do other errands, but was so tired as I didn't sleep all night thinking about his appointment, so I called Torrey and asked him to bring some home since he was getting off in an hour.

Torrey called me 2 hours later to let me know he worked late and was going to eat and then shop and would be home. The phone woke up Turner and he moved his legs and started to SCREECH. I knew that Torrey was at least and hour to hour and a half till he got home and I couldn't take it. I was crying right along with him so I called my brother to see if they had some at home since he is right down the street. He ended up driving over with some and then he took Turner and calmed him down and he went to sleep. Kelly was concerned that I wasn't doing well. I was okay, just felt so bad for my little son. I am so thankful for my family and that we are close in proximity and close in relationships.

He is still having a hard night, but the Tylenol sure does help us both.

His 2 month check up went well. He is 12 pounds 6 and 1/2 ounces (75%), 15 3/4 inch head (50%), and 22 1/2 inches long (50%). My question to all of you out there is who are they comparing our babies to if Turner is only in those percentiles? I find it amazing that I gave birth to a 9 pound baby and was given attitude and then he gains 4 pounds since his 2 week check up and now he is only 75%. Goodness gracious. I am just laughing at it all really.

Turner is overall doing very well. The doctor mentioned that Turner tend to lean his head only to one side. How sad, I am the mom and didn't really notice until he said that and I was trained to notice such things. His left testicle is still in the canal so if it doesn't come down, he will have to have surgery like Christopher did. So, from these pieces of information, Turner and I spent some time working on stretching his neck and working it to the other side. We also spend every diaper change and bath time praying that he doesn't have to have surgery. (sorry for all of you that felt that was too much information to share, but I am not sure how else to share that and ask you to pray with me. :) )

Turner is doing well and resting in his father's arms as you can see.

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