Sunday, December 14, 2008

PUPP, Gas and what next?

So, who knew that you can experience all kinds of things AFTER pregnancy. I figured once I had Turner I would feel better and things would go away...Not so much.

Immediately following my arrival home I ended up with gas pain so bad from the c-section that I thought I was having a heart attack. That lasted for about 3 weeks.

Immediately following the gas (actually it was during and even before delivery, but I hadn't identified it as such), I ended up with a rash on my stomach that caused me to itch. My sister had mentioned that itching was normal so I just thought that was it....well, it continued to spread to my arms and that is when I started to wonder. My Doctor was on vacation at this time and I didn't trust the other doctors as my doctor knew my oddities already, so I waited for him to get back. In the mean time my mom and I were doing research on what it could be and my rash continued to spread to my legs and chest and back.

When my doctor got back, I went in and told him I had PUPP and he said he could give me some salve or oral medication. I told him to give me something strong to kill it. He told me that most people that get PUPP get it in the third tri-mester and not after delivery. He also said most don't have it so bad and it will resolve quickly on its own. He then told me that I was right that I do like to had the odd things and break the normal molds. He then thanked me for making the diagnosis so easy so the visit was fast.

He gave me my prescription and a refill as he said I might need a couple rounds. I used the first and each day you take less pills. The first few days things were looking good, but by the time I was at the 4th day and taking less pills, the rash started to come back with a vengenace so I took had to get the second round. This round of medication seemed to do the trick. I made it through it all and the rash faded, but a day after I was done with the medication it came back and of course it was the weekend where the doctor isn't in to approve another refill, so now I wait.

Here are some of the things that I have tried and how the rash feels: I take some benedryl to help with the itch, but it really does nothing. I have tried oatmeal baths and they provide a little relief until I get out. I use Caladryl, Cortizone 10 as well as Aloe Vera and all of these things provide a little relief but when night sets in and I want to sleep, anything that touches my skin just sends me to itching so rest just doesn't happen and as a result, I am incredibly tired and frustrated. The odd thing about this rash is that the raised patches also have raised bumps within them and each bump contains a center that feels like a thistle is in it and when anything rubs up against that it makes you just itch and them the itch wanders around that area until you are itching until you bleed.

Anyway, I called in the prescription and they will have to verify it tomorrow and then I will pick it up and hope it works. The sad thing is that we are getting pictures taken on Tuesday and now I will have bumps in the picture as well as the fact I have a big pimple in the MIDDLE of my forehead. I never get pimples and I don't usually like pictures so, I continued to be amused with my life and just laugh at what God is doing.

My sense of humor at my life is growing and at times I can laugh. I have found that it can be really hard to have joy in the middle of this, but I am trying and have reminders daily to press on.

If you think about it though, please pray for me as I have not been as patient and loving with my husband and even with my son as I should be. It has been so easy to blame my husband for the lack of patience and understanding and feel sorry for myself because I am not getting what I need, but that is the WRONG attitude and I know it. Praise God that his grace is new every morning and GREAT is His faithfulness.

For those of you that have never heard of PUPPS and are curious, here is a site so you can educate yourself and be prepared if anything like this happens to you during your pregnancy or after. The good news is that they say once you get it, you don't tend to get it again. I am not going to count on that but just be ready to rejoice in the next affliction. :)

Now you are all aware why my blogging and picture posts have diminished...I am tired and am trying to figure out how to be a mom and get everything done. It is funny because at the end of each day I am not sure what I have done, but I was busy doing something all day. Mostly feeding it seems. :) My husband and son both need to eat every 3 hours or so. That is how it works with a newborn and diabetic.

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  1. oh lynette!!! truly, there is always a story but I will pray that your PUPPS will go away quickly. i am so sorry.