Saturday, December 20, 2008

First time without Mama & Daddy

Last Tuesday I took Torrey out for a date. It had been a while since we had one and I felt that it was necessary. Our little Turner needs his parents to have time alone to continue to improve and work on their relationship so that they can better love him.

I took Torrey out for Mexican food (and if you know anything about me, I do not like Mexican food so this is real love), and then we rented "Christmas Child" and went back home and snuggled and watched it (I would recommend it to you if you like Max Lucado, Steven Curtis Chapman or Hallmark style movies).

Once the movie was over I had to rush to get my little man because I was forgetting what he looked like. Mom and Dad were hoping to have one more feeding with him as they were enjoying the quiet and special time they were having.

Turner got a special bath by Grandma and then Grandpa read "How Big Are You Baby" (which was my favorite book when I was little, so I am told) to him and they got to see how much he likes to look at pictures. Other than these few moments of wakefulness, the rest of the time he slept with Grandpa. I guess Turner saves his time being awake for me. During the day I am fortunate to get him to have some time to rest so I can get some things done.

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