Monday, November 24, 2008

Rolled over already?

Turner had a rough night last night. He has had unbelievable gas and since I experienced that as a result of my surgery, I feel for him.

This morning I was trying anything to help relieve it for him, so I laid him down on his tummy, which he usually like, and he flopped his head to the side and rolled himself over. I thought it was a fluke as he is TOO YOUNG to be rolling over, so I laid him that way again and over he went.

What can I say, my boy is advanced.


  1. Wow! He must be super-smart like his mommy.

  2. Sometimes gripe water helps with the gas. I think it is pretty much available at the corner drugstores anymore, otherwise you can order it online. Hope he gets past it. Also, we always gave our babies a probiotic (Lifestart by Natren) to help them digest better to prevent the gas in the first place. Good luck.